2019 March/April Newsletter

**Edited and updated on April 3 for the modified schedule in April.**

Hi everyone!

We’ve started our busiest (and most fun) part of the year! Congratulations to all of our dancers at their first competition of the year, you all looked amazing and brought out the best performances we’ve seen yet! Thank you to everyone who helped out backstage with everything, it would not have gone nearly so smoothly without you.

Good luck to all of our Competitive and Intensive dancers moving on to their competitions out of town in the next couple of weeks!

Important dates

April 4-7 – Santana Dance Festival (final times are here) – Competitive and Intensive students only

April 10-11 – Dance pictures (Schedule is here)

April 17-20 – For the Love of Dance Festival (final times are here) – Competitive and Intensive students only

April 25-28 – Elite Dance Productions (No times yet) – Senior Intensive students only

April 28 – Grade 3 ballet exams

April 30 – Grace 5 ballet exams

May 6-9 – finale rehearsal for all Technique, Performance, Competitive and Intensive students (details to follow)

May 9-12 – Standing Ovation (No times yet) – Intermediate and Senior Intensive students only

May 15 – Year end recital (details to follow)

Modified and combined schedules

As this is the busiest time of the year, we have some modified schedules coming up. Due to students and teachers being away for competitions, we will have some changes to our schedule in April. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Important dates (they are, or will be in the studio calendar in the Studio 43 app).

April 1-5:

April 1 – Regular Monday classes

April 2 – Regular Tuesday classes

April 3 – Modified/combined Wednesday schedule (scroll down for times)

April 4 – Miss Maria’s classes cancelled, Miss Amber’s Thursday Minions regular class times

April 5 – no dance classes

April 8-12:

April 8 – Regular Monday/Wednesday classes

April 9 – Regular Tuesday/Thursday classes

April 10 – Dance pictures (Wednesday classes combined to Monday, picture schedule is here)

April 11 – Dance pictures continue (Thursday classes combined to Tuesday, picture schedule is here)

April 12 – Regular Friday classes

April 15-19:

April 15-19 – Spring break – no regular classes

April 17-20 – For the Love of Dance festival (Kinder, Competition and Intensive dancers – Schedule is here)

April 22-26

April 22 – Easter Monday – regular Monday dance classes

April 23 – regular Tuesday dance classes

April 24 – regular Wednesday dance classes

April 25 – regular Thursday dance classes

April 26 – no dance classes (Grade 3 exam students – we will send out info)

April 29-May 3

April 29 – all classes combined with Wednesday classes on May 1

April 30 – all classes combined with Thursday classes on May 2

May 1 – Monday/Wednesday combined classes

May 2 – Tuesday/Thursday combined classes

May 3 – Miss Gemma’s classes cancelled, Miss Maria’s regular classes

May 6-10

Last week of classes for all dancers

May 6 – regular classes

May 7 – regular classes

May 8 – regular classes

May 9 – regular classes

May 10 – Miss Gemma’s regular classes are running, Miss Maria’s cancelled.

May 13-15

May 13 – ballet makeup from April

May 14 – adult classes if necessary

May 15 – recital at the C2 (details to be emailed)

Keep practicing everyone, we’ve got some tough competition ahead of us!

Modified dates:

April 3:

South Studio:

4:00-5:00 – Competitive Minions

North Studio:

4:00-4:30 – Kinder tap

4:30-5:00 – Kinder hip hop

5:00-5:30 – Toy Story

5:30-6:00 – Jumanji

6:00-6:30 – Motorsport

6:30-7:00 – Bruno Live!

2019 Dance Pictures

Dance pictures will be held on April 10&11 at the dance studio. There are no regular classes those days.

Please arrive at least a 1/2 hour before your time with your hair and makeup done, as we will push ahead if we’re running ahead. Hair for all groups is the same as festival groups (sock buns for Tiny dancers, braids and buns for everyone else, braids for hip hop). You need makeup, it does not need to be as heavy as regular stage makeup.

Even if you are not ordering anything, please come for your group picture. These are the photos we use in the plaques and our studio print.

Solos and duets will be fit in as they are ready in between groups.

Wednesday, April 10

4:00-4:15 – Listen to the Water/Funky Feet (Monday 9:15 class) (ballet slippers only)

4:15-4:30 – Kinder Acro

4:30-4:45 – When You Wish Upon a Star (Monday 10:00 class)

4:45-5:00 – We Come In Peace (Kinder ballet)

5:00-5:15 – Hold On Together (Monday 4:00 class)

5:15-5:30 – Tiki Room (Kinder Jazz)

5:30-5:45 – Fly To Your Heart (Tuesday 4:00 class) (ballet slippers only)

5:45-6:00 – Toy Story

6:00-6:15 – Hard Knock Life

6:15-6:30 – Blah Blah Blah

6:30-6:45 – Princesses and Dragons

6:45-7:00 – Happy Feet/Spybreak

7:00-7:15 – Crocodile Rock

7:15-7:30 – Supergirls

7:30-7:45 – Jumanji

7:45-8:00 – Motorsport

8:00-8:30 – Intensives (Lyrical, jazz, Contemporary)

Thursday, April 11

4:30-4:45 – Lollipop (Kinder tap)

4:45-5:00 – We Work for Gru

5:00-5:15 – Invincible

5:15-5:30 – Bounce (Kinder hip hop)

5:30-5:45 – Tread Lightly

5:45-6:00 – Freak the Freak Out

6:00-6:15 – I’ve Got a Dream

6:15-6:30 – May I Please Have one

6:30-6:45 – Halloween Town

6:45-7:30 – Adult groups and any solos and duets that missed

2019 For the Love of Dance

** Please note these times are final**

Dates: April 17-20

Location: Dow Centennial Centre, 8700-84 St., Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Entry fees:

1 day pass – $7.00

4 day pass – $25.00

Children 2 and under free

Programs – $8.00

-Hair for all dancers: two tight Dutch braids, pulled into a low bun, all bangs and flyaways gelled and hair sprayed down.

-please be 1.5 to 2 hours early for your scheduled time, with hair and makeup done as changeroom space is very limited at the Dow.

Final Schedule:

Wednesday, April 17


Madison Lyrical


Brooke lyrical


Mya & Kaity lyrical

Let Me Down Slowly


Tread Lightly


Courtney Lyrical

Patience Lyrical


Madison Contemporary


This Is Halloween


Patience jazz




Mickela jazz


Kayleigh Tap


Crocodile Rock

Thursday, April 18


Happy Feet


Emily & Brooke


Miley hip hop

Ashtyn hip hop






Supergirls (Competitive dancers only)

Blah Blah Blah

Hard Knock Life


Hayley Lyrical


We Work for Gru (Wednesday dancers only)


Kaity&Mya jazz


Kiersten jazz

Friday, April 19


Courtney Contemporary

Patience Contemporary


Camryn & Grace Lyrical


Nikita jazz

Chloe Jazz


Wicked Ones


Grace jazz


I’ve Got a Dream


Brooke Tap


Mickela hip hop

Saturday , April 20


Reece Acro

Faith Acro

Faith & Miley Acro


Toy Story


Farrah hip hop


We Come In Peace (kinder ballet)


Bounce! (Kinder hip hop)

Tiki Room (Kinder Jazz)


Lollipop (kinder Tap)


Can I Please Have One?


Dragons and Princesses


Kaity & Mya Contemporary



Camryn & Grace jazz


Freak the Freak Out


Kaity jazz

2019 St. Albert

Date: April 4-7, 2019

Location: Arden Theatre, 5 St. Anne St, St. Albert AB

General Admission:

1 day pass – $8.00 (Senior – $7.00)

4 day pass – $30.00 (Senior – $26.00)

Children 4 and under are free

Programs – $10.00

**Please arrive 1.5-2 hours ahead of your scheduled time, the festival committee reserves the right to run up to a 1/2 hour ahead of time. If you miss your backstage rehearsal because you are running late, you will not go on stage.**

Final Times

Thursday, April 4

9:00 – We Work For Gru (Wednesday class only)

10:10 – Alexis Jazz

Kaitlyn Jazz

12:00 – Nikita jazz

Chloe jazz

Grace jazz

3:05 – Crocodile Rock (Tuesday 6:00 Tap)

5:15 – Jumanji (Wednesday 6:30 Hip Hop)

7:45 – I’ve Got a Dream (Thursday 5:45 Musical Theatre)

8:20 – Tread Lightly (Thursday 6:15 Lyrical)

8:55 – Spybreak (Tuesday 7:30 Tap)

Friday, April 5

8:30 – Toy Story (Wednesday 5:45 Hip Hop)

10:25 – Courtney lyrical

Brooke lyrical

Madison Lyrical

12:40 – Let Me Down Slowly (Sr Intensive Lyrical)

1:30 – Happy Feet (Tuesday 6:45 Tap)

Kayleigh tap

1:55 – Alexis lyrical

Patience lyrical

3:20 – Freak the Freak out (Thursday 5:15 jazz)

4:15 – Patience contemporary

4:55 – Angel in the Wings (Inter Intensive Contemporary)

Sleepless (Sr Intensive Contemporary)

5:20 – Princesses and Dragons (Tuesday 5:30 ballet)

5:50 – Supergirls (Monday 5:15 Acro – Competitive only)

Blah Blah Blah (Monday 5:45 Acro)

Hard Knock Life (Friday 4:15 Acro)

Saturday, April 6

9:05 – Make it Shine (Camryn & Grace jazz)

10:50 – Reece Acro

Faith Acro

On My Way (Faith & Miley Acro)

12:25 – Mickela jazz

1:05 – Wicked Ones (Sr Intensive jazz)

3:00 – We Come In Peace (Kinder Ballet)

Lollipop (Kinder Tap)

4:05 – Bounce (Kinder hip hop)

Tiki Room (Kinder jazz)

4:55 – Can I Please Have One (Friday 5:00 ballet)

Our song (Camryn & Grace lyrical)

5:55 – Mickela hip hop

Sunday, April 7

8:50 – Farrah hip hop

Miley hip hop

Ashtyn hip hop

9:20 – This Is Me (Inter Intensive lyrical)

10:15 – Motorsport (Wednesday 7:15 hip hop)

11:50 – Brooke tap

12:35 – Hayley lyrical

1:35 – Go! (Inter intensive jazz)

3:25 – Halloween Town (Friday 5:30 ballet)

5:25 – Kiersten jazz

Patience jazz

5:55 – Invincible (Thursday 6:45 jazz)

6:20 – Courtney contemporary

Madison contemporary

2019 February Newsletter

February is clipping along and March will be here before we know it. Here are some things for February:

Important dates

February 18 – Family Day – no dance classes

March 16 – Bonnyville festival (tentative schedule is in the studio calendar, found in the studio app), final times will be uploaded on the website soon.

April 4-7 – St. Albert festival (tentative schedule is in the studio app, please keep in mind that dates and times may change, it is extremely tentative.) Final schedule will be uploaded on the website soon.

April 17-20 – Fort Saskatchewan festival

May 15 – year end show, details to follow

Costumes and final bills

Most costumes have arrived (some are back order, including Tread Lightly, Tuesday Tiny dancers, leggings for Jumanji, Friday 5:00 Ballet trio, and two lyrical solo costumes. Backordered costumes will not be handed out until the entire group has arrived). Costumes that have arrived can start going home next week, if your bill is paid in full. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. Cash, credit card (through PayPal), and etransfer are the only accepted forms of payment for the remainder of the season (cheques will no longer be accepted).

When you receive your costume, please make sure to note if there are hair pieces or other accessories, and do not lose them. Keep them in a safe place and they are to be used for performances only, do not keep them in dress up boxes. Tutus need to be steamed (either run a hot shower and gently pull the wrinkles out, or a tea kettle under the costume if you do not have a steamer). Some costumes have lace and bead work, gently work the pieces apart without ripping to prevent snags. Dirty and wrinkled costumes will not be permitted on stage. It is recommend that each costume have its own dry cleaning bag to keep sequins and beads from snagging on other costumes. After our year end show, costumes are yours to keep.

Please let Miss Maria know if you have any questions.