2019/20 Schedule (Tentative)

Our schedule for the 2019/20 season is extremely tentative until fall registrations are finalized, and dancers confirm which classes they are taking. We will do our best to make sure that dancers in multiple dances have at least one night off during the week. Please keep in mind that times and days may change depending on registration. Full tuition refunds (minus registration) will be available only until the first week of September (if trying to take advantage of early tuition discounts).

Tiny classes (ages 3-4):

Monday 9:15-9:45 – Tiny Ballerinas (morning)

Monday 9:45-10:30 – Tiny Ballerina Tappers (morning)

Monday 10:30-11:00 – Tiny Tumblers (morning)

Monday 4:00-4:30 – Tiny Ballerinas (afternoon)

Monday 4:30-5:00 – Tiny Tumblers (afternoon)

Tuesday 4:00-4:45 – Tiny Ballerina Tappers (afternoon)

Kinder classes (kindergarten):

Monday 4:00-4:30 – Kinder Acro

Monday 4:30-5:00 – Kinder Ballet

Monday 5:00-5:30 – Kinder jazz

Wednesday 4:00-4:30 – Kinder Tap

Wednesday 4:30-5:00 – Kinder Hip Hop

Beginner dance team (Performance/Competitive) – approx Gr 1-2 in school

Monday (Acro), Tuesday (Ballet, tap) and Wednesday (jazz, hip hop)

Junior dance team (Performance/Competitive) – approx Gr 3-5 in school

Monday (Acro), Wednesday (ballet, tap) , Thursday (jazz, lyrical, musical theatre)

Intermediate dance team (Performance/Competitive – approx Gr 6-9 in school

Monday (Acro), Tuesday (Ballet, tap) , Thursday (jazz, Lyrical, musical theatre)

Intensive dance team

Friday nights, as well as team group nights

2019 Recital

Our annual year end show will be held at the Bonnyville Centennial Centre, on May 15. We will be having two shows, one at 5:30 for our Tiny and Kinder dancers, and one at 7:00 for our Performance/Competitive/Intensive dancers (ages 6-adult).

Please arrive a half hour before your scheduled show time, with your hair and makeup done. Tiny and Kinder dancers will stay with their backstage assistant so their parents can enjoy the show. Dancers for our second show may watch and cheer for their friends between performances, please come backstage quietly from the side curtain by the Changerooms when you have been announced.

Show schedules:

5:30 Tiny/Kinder show

1. This is Me

2. Tiki Room

3. Listen to the Water

4. Fly To Your Heart

5. Together We Can (Kinder Acro)

6. Hold On Together

7. Funky Feet

8. We Come In Peace

9. Wicked Ones

10. When You Wish Upon a Star

11. Bounce

12. Everything At Once

13. Lollipop

14. Hard Knock Life

7:00 Performance/Competitive show – Tentative

1. This is Halloween

2. Gr 2 Ballet Demo

3. Dragons and Princesses

4. Gr 3 Ballet Demo

5. Gr 4 Ballet Demo

6. Gr 5 Ballet Demo

7. May I Please Have One

8. Patience jazz

9. Kiersten jazz

10. We Work For Gru

11. Alexis jazz

12. Make it Shine

13. Nikita jazz

14. Kaity jazz

15. Mickela jazz

16. Wicked Ones

17. Chloe jazz

18. Go!

19. Grace jazz

20. Freak the Freak Out

21. Farrah hip hop

22. Invincible

23. Brooke lyrical

24. Alexis lyrical

25. Courtney Lyrical

26. Ashtyn hip hop

27. Patience lyrical

28. This is Me

29. Mickela hip hop

30. Hayley lyrical

31. Let Me Down Slowly

32. Madison lyrical

33. Our song

34. Tread Lightly

35. Kayleigh tap

36. Brooke tap

37. I’ve Got a Dream

38. Crocodile Rock

39. Faith and Miley

40. Patience Self Choreo

41. Reece Acro

42. Happy Feet

43. Spybreak

44. Courtney Contemporary

45. 9 to 5

46. Patience Contemporary

47. Angel in the Wings

48. Madison Contemporary

49. Faith Acro

50. Sleepless

51. Supergirls

52. Blah Blah Blah

53. Hard Knock Life

54. Toy Story

55. Courtney Self Choreo

56. Miley hip hop

57. Bruno Live!

58. Motorsport

59. Jumanji

60. Grande Finale

2019 Hip Hop Convention

Updated: May 6 – extended registration deadline to May 30

Studio 43 Dance is hosting the G2 Entertainment crew for a hip hop Convention right here in Bonnyville! Featuring Lukas Locke and Edgar Reyes as our incredibly talented faculty, you don’t want to miss out!

Whether you are new to hip hop or have years of experience, every dancer is guaranteed to learn something from these amazingly talented guys. You will also get to experience the making of a music video! This is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to expand their hip hop repertoire, and try out some new things!

Registration closes May 30, 2019. Please do not pay until you receive an official invoice, etransfer to studio43dance@gmail.com (please text the password to Miss Maria at 780-812-6235).

Date: July 6&7

Times: (Saturday and Sunday):

Saturday: 9:00-12:00

Sunday: 9:00-1:30 (we will be having a lunch break at 12-12:30, then we start music video production at 12:30)

Cost: $185 ($160 for S43 dancers from our current 2018/19 season)

Ages: 6 to 18

To register: go to our registration portal here. If you are new to Studio 43: register your family information, register your student, select 2019 Summer season, choose the convention, repeat for any other students you may have. Please do not pay until you receive an email with your actual Convention times (for registration purposes, this has been set to Sunday at 5am, we do not have classes at 5am on Sunday. Please call or text Miss Maria (780-812-6235) if you have any problems.

If you are a current S43 dancer: Login to your Studio Director account here. Select your student, choose the 2019 Summer season, choose the convention, repeat for any other students you have.

This is an amazing opportunity for any dancer that would like to experience a professional level Convention right in Bonnyville. We welcome all dancers, regardless of studio, come and join us for a fantastic dance experience!

2019 Sydney (Senior Intensives Only)

Please note: this competition is for our Senior Intensive dancers only.

Times are Final.

Dates: April 25-28, 2019

Friday, April 26

7:00-7:30 -Registration

7:30-7:45 – Warm up

7:45-8:45 – Contemporary

8:45-9:45 – heels

9:45-10:45 – Fusion

10:45-11:30 – Audition combo

11:30-12:00 – audition

6:54pm – Courtney Lyrical

7:15pm – Patience Lyrical

8:39pm – Patience Contemporary

9:09pm – Courtney Contemporary

9:39pm – Patience Jazz

Saturday, April 27

7:30-7:45 – Warm up

7:45-8:45 – Contemporary

8:45-9:45 – Lyrical

9:45-10:45 – jazz

10:45-11:30 – fusion

2:02pm – Halloween Town (Sr Intensive only)

2:40pm – Tread Lightly (Sr Intensive only)

3:01pm – Let Me Down Slowly

3:35pm – Hard Knock Life (Sr Intensive only)

3:59pm – Sleepless

4:36pm – Invincible (Sr Intensive only)

5:06pm – Wicked Ones

5:45pm – Motorsport (Sr Intensive only)

8:48pm – Brooke Lyrical

9:39pm – Brooke Tap

9:54pm – Courtney Self-Choreo

9:57pm – Patience Self-Choreo

Sunday, April 28

7:30-10:00 – Showdown and Final Awards

2019 Standing Ovation (Inter/Sr Intensive Only)

This is for our Intermediate and Senior Intensive dancers only.

Dates: May 10-13

Location: Dow Centennial Centre, Fort Saskatchewan

There are entry fees at the door.

Friday, May 10

10:40am – Hard Knock Life (Intensive dancers only)

10:59am – I’ve Got a Dream (Intensive dancers only)

12:24pm – Sleepless

3:18pm – Kaity jazz

3:24pm – Alexis jazz

5:48pm – Halloween Town (Intensive dancers only)

7:58pm – Brooke tap

8:12pm – Go!

8:31pm – Invincible (Intensive dancers only)

8:46pm – Wicked Ones

Saturday, May 11

7:47pm – Courtney Contemporary

7:53pm – Patience Contemporary

8:20pm – This Is Me

8:47pm – Tread Lightly (Intensive dancers only)

9:03pm – Let Me Down Slowly

Sunday, May 12

11:51am – Angel in the Wings

3:08pm – Brooke lyrical

Monday, May 13

9:56am – Alexis Lyrical

10:08am – Courtney Lyrical

10:14am – Patience Lyrical

12:47pm – Patience jazz

2:51pm – Courtney & Patience hip hop