2019 February Newsletter

February is clipping along and March will be here before we know it. Here are some things for February:

Important dates

February 18 – Family Day – no dance classes

March 16 – Bonnyville festival (tentative schedule is in the studio calendar, found in the studio app), final times will be uploaded on the website soon.

April 4-7 – St. Albert festival (tentative schedule is in the studio app, please keep in mind that dates and times may change, it is extremely tentative.) Final schedule will be uploaded on the website soon.

April 17-20 – Fort Saskatchewan festival

May 15 – year end show, details to follow

Costumes and final bills

Most costumes have arrived (some are back order, including Tread Lightly, Tuesday Tiny dancers, leggings for Jumanji, Friday 5:00 Ballet trio, and two lyrical solo costumes. Backordered costumes will not be handed out until the entire group has arrived). Costumes that have arrived can start going home next week, if your bill is paid in full. There are absolutely no exceptions to this. Cash, credit card (through PayPal), and etransfer are the only accepted forms of payment for the remainder of the season (cheques will no longer be accepted).

When you receive your costume, please make sure to note if there are hair pieces or other accessories, and do not lose them. Keep them in a safe place and they are to be used for performances only, do not keep them in dress up boxes. Tutus need to be steamed (either run a hot shower and gently pull the wrinkles out, or a tea kettle under the costume if you do not have a steamer). Some costumes have lace and bead work, gently work the pieces apart without ripping to prevent snags. Dirty and wrinkled costumes will not be permitted on stage. It is recommend that each costume have its own dry cleaning bag to keep sequins and beads from snagging on other costumes. After our year end show, costumes are yours to keep.

Please let Miss Maria know if you have any questions.